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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

Liars Club

3844 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, California, 92109

After a much needed few hours of sleep after the Stone 10th Anniversary Festival, the missus and I headed over to Mission Beach, as it was the closest area to our hotel. The area is nice, something I wish LA had more of in it's beach communities. Parking wasn't all that easy, but we finally came upon something within 5 blocks or so.

The bar itself is a bit dingy, something that didn't bother me at all. Great jukebox playing stuff from Pixies, Elvis Costello to Chuck Berry. Seeing that it was a Saturday night, I expected to see a lot more people in there at 9PM. Even stranger that the place thinned out considerably more by the time we left at 10:30.

The beer selection is outstanding: TONS of great local offerings (Alpine, Alesmith, Stone, Pizza Port) and others (notably: 3 different from Russian River and some harder to find Belgians). Not terribly hungry, we just ordered an appetizer - hush puppies served with a chipotles aoli. The food was quite good and the spiciness went well with the Alpine IPAs I was enjoying.

The only setback was the service. Our server (pale, kinda punk rockish red headed woman) was terrible. She was particularly rude when the missus asked which appetizer was better. Her boyfriend / husband was there and they would start "making out" (I use this phrase to indicate how high school they were being about it) by the bar quite distractingly. Yeah, it was pretty gross. Not only that, after ignoring my girlfriend's order for Russian River's Lil White Lie, she returned asked if we wanted anything else. She politely reminded the server that she ordered that and I ordered another beer for myself. About 10 minutes and a few make-out sessions later, without our beers, we decided to just get our check. Mind you this all when the bar was, at most, a quarter-full.

The rest of the staff seemed nice, so I will come back. I'll definitely avoid this server's area. We didn't let this terrible server get us down - so we still had a good time and I would definitely recommend going here. If a pale red head comes to take your order, might wanna see if there are seats in another server's section.

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