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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 


79 / 100

I make no qualms about saying it, "I fucking love Russian River Brewing Co." I can't wait to see what they have in store for the Stone 10th Anniversary this Saturday. To tie me over until then, I had a Perdition yesterday at Father's Office.

It's pours a dark copper color, opaque - a small head. Touching the glass, the beer seems a little bit too cold. The aroma is of spice: cinnamon and clove and some mustiness. Toasted malts come through on the palate followed by a strong yeast. It goes well with Father's Office's incredibly delicious sweet potato fries.

dude i'm so jealous! i drank bud light, corona extra and pacifico yesterday. :P still, it was better than nothing. can you believe they didn't even have any jack daniels at the bar? only vodka and rum! disgusting.

Justin, I've got to try some of this russian river stuff. Vinnie seems to be doing some cool stuff over there. Maybe up for a visit sometime this year.

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