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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 

Bluegrass Brewing Co. American Pale Ale

85 / 100

For Christmas, last year my father signed me up for a Beer of the Month Club. It's great. I get 12 beers delivered to me every month. Two breweries are represented - 2 different styles from each, so a total of 3 of each different beer. Many come from places, I would not normally get to try - like Kentucky. This came as part of my beer of the month club, several months ago.

Pour a golden almost amber color with a decent 2 finger head. The aroma is exactly what I want in a APA: nice hop presence, some citrus and a pleasant grassiness. The hop flavors finish with a nice malt character. Very smooth, very enjoyable. At times it seems more IPA than APA. I guess that's how I like 'em.

Sadly, there were only 3 and this not available anywhere near me.

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