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Thursday, August 10, 2006 

Wachusett Brewing Company

One of my favorite places to visit when I'm visiting my father in Western Massachusetts is the Wachusett Brewing Company.
Located in Westminster, Massachusetts, the brewery is sort of hidden - tucked away in an industrial complex. The three brewers / proprietors are friends from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. They used their engineering know-how to build the brewery’s operating systems in 1993. From then the brewery has grown considerably. Even in the past 2 years since I’ve visited they’ve increased their production and distribution immensely.

What I like so much about Wachusett is the way they’ve integrated themselves within the community and how they’ve been embraced this way. Now their beers are on every local tap, next to your Buds and Coors. On this visit, there were several locals in to fill up their growlers. Each was eager to talk about his favorites. I really wish there was a place like this in my Los Angeles neighborhood.

Green Monsta

71 / 100

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This is their strong ale seasonal named, of course, for the landmark left field wall on Fenway Park. There are big hops and lots of malt in this and the smell and taste are loaded with them. It is a monster. The slight problem I have is that it is slightly boring. The balancing makes it unclear which way it goes. It only knows big.

Wachusett IPA

82 / 100

This is the first of their beers that I've tried. It pours an nice, amber color with a cumulo nimbus looking froth. It has a nice hop bouquet - one that seemed intense when I lived back in Boston, but now in the land of the West Coast hop monsters seemed subtle. The finish is dry and refreshing. This is Wachusett's finest.

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Wachusett Blueberry

80 / 100

Their best selling beer, the Blueberry has a very subtle fruit flavor. Generally, I'm not too big on fruity American beers (I do like me some lambics though). There is very little sweetness in the fruit and the wheat finish ends things very crisp and smooth. It's a pleasure to drink this in the summer.

Wachusett Country Ale

76 / 100

This is there pale ale. It's like a tone downed more accessible version of their IPA. It has a nice fruity summer wheat taste that makes it easy drinking for the summer months.

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