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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Pacífico Cerveza

71 /100

In Los Angeles, there's no shortage of Mexican beer. It's everywhere, just as easy to find as your basic Bud/Miller/Coors, if not easier. The problem is: most of them are downright nasty (the need for lime is not disguise the terrible taste because at least then you'll have lime-tasting nastiness!).

All need to be served quite cold - another sign that the beer is of poor quality. A common misunderstanding is that the darkness of the color is indicative of the caloric quanity. So people think light Mexi-lagers are light on the carby calories. WRONG!!! One Corona has roughly 25 calories more than a Guinness!!!

Summertime finds the Mexi-lagers all over the place; a bbq staple here in Southern California. And as not particularly fond as I am, of the beers - Pacifico has always had a soft spot in my heart on these occassions. It's a refreshing lager. Thin and watery, there's nothing complex about it. That's not to say the subtleties make it a fine lager. It's the wateriness that makes it refreshing, that and it being generally served very cold. The color is not particularly enticing and it's possibly over-carbonated. It's grainy with a slight bitterness that neither adds nor detracts from the flavor. It's drinkable, but generally speaking I'll reach for something else.

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