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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

La Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel

74 / 100

The title suggests there's a lot going on in this beer. Is it a Belgian Tripel? Is it a triple IPA? Is it both? Is it neither? What the fuck are you doing to me La Chouffe?

Anyhow this is an IPA, brewed with 3 different hops. Don't think California IPA, this is definitely a Belgian and the hop character is quite different. Different hops, more yeast - yeah we're in Belgium, especially with the cloudy golden straw color and finger cloud froth topping.

There are familiar Belgian pale ale flavor attributes as well: spicy foreground with citrus tones. Of the hops, the Saaz come through most most - the noble pilsner-esque spice.

It's hard drinking this not thinking you're drinking an experiment, which is strange as it so very subtle. A good tasting beer, but generally in the $10 range for a 750 mL - likely one I won't revisit often.

hey justin,

had this beer with these Belgian monks the other night... Westvleteren 12 or something... was pretty good .. you should try it some day...

i'm just kiddin...

hey where'd ya get your Imperial Russian Stout ?? i wanna try that... BTW, is there any way to get a Westvleteren locally? or is near impossible?

Westvleteren is only available from the Abbey itself. That and belgianshop.com but I ordered some last year that still hasn't come. I should probably look into that.

The Stone Russian Imperial Stout should be available at any decent liquor store. BevMo! gots 'em. BevMo! kinda sucks.

They crazy delicious.

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