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Thursday, September 14, 2006 


58 / 100

Prounounced "height" despite one of my jabroni friends insisting it was "hee-tay".

This beer works very well when eating Korean bbq. The watery light lager cuts through the spicy gochujang that I slather all over the meat (galbi / bulgogi). My Korean girlfriend has shown me the ins and outs of proper Ktown bbq'ing and it has made me very happy.

Initially, I thought "Wow, Hite is fucking great!" It's not. It's one of those time and places beers that holds up quite poorly outside of it. One day when I loaded up on Hite at a local Ktown market - I learned the hard way.

First off, it's one of the lighest color beers I've ever seen. If you soaked a few grains of straw in a glass of tonic water for an hour, the color would be unmistakeably Hite-ish. The smells would probably be similar too. The taste isn't terrible - it's watery, there's lil character but it is refreshing. At a Korean bbq you'll probably drink like 4 before you realize that it's not very good. But for those 4, at that bbq joint - Hite does the trick.

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