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Monday, September 11, 2006 

Alpine Beer Company

The only disappointing thing about Alpine's beers is limited geographic area that I can get them in. Everytime I'm in the San Diego area, one of my goals is to get a bunch of these delicious brews in my belly. When the missus and I arrived at the Stone 10th Anniversary this past weekend, we notice the guest breweries were alphabetized. Brilliant! Alpine for the start!

We sauntered up to the pourers and got 1 each of their 2 offerings. Both were incredibly delicious, but alas the small taster only made me want more. Luckily that evening, at the Liars Club in Mission Beach, San Diego they had both on-tap, so of course, I had to get a pint of each:

Duet IPA

96 / 100

Duet, new to me, is everything I long for in an IPA: fruity, floral with a generous portion of American hops. Lots of lacing throughout my glass, the bright amber beer had a good sized head. Plenty of hops in the nose, the best type: fruity with a slight pine flavor. The taste was much the same, rounded out with a pleasant malt balancing that limited the bitter bite. This is an outstanding IPA, of the hundreds that I've tried - this is right near the top.

Pure Hoppiness

93 / 100

The hop nose hits you instantly: very floral, slight pine and citrus tones. The pour was perfect: a frothy laced head topped the golden colored ale. The hop bite is substantial, but the taste is well-balanced. It has a nice creaminess that masks the 8% ABV, making it potential dangerous – I could see myself drinking this all day.

These are outstanding beers, sadly only limitedly available in San Diego. If you ever cross pathes with them, you know what to do.

blasphemy! pure hoppiness is far superior to duet imo. :)

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