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Friday, March 17, 2006 

Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

89 / 100

This looked great in my pint glass: a nice orange canvas with a thick eggshell head, nicely lacing throughout. It had a nice hop smell – but not the “ripping lines of hops of the mirror table” that I’ve become all too familiar with (and a habit I don’t see myself kicking). There were citrus notes – the familiar orange and grapefruit, but also something a bit more tropical. The flavor is wonderful – complex hoppiness rounded with the fruit finish. It was slick and creamy and delicious. I think were I not so recently bombarding my palate with absurdly hoppy offerings – I would find this to have a more than generous kick. Now it’s almost a session beer.

Sadly, even though I’m only a few hours from Ballast Point, the only place around LA that I ever see their fine products is BevMo. Next BevMo trip, I’mma load up on this.

i like eggshell color and i also like lacing. eggshelled-color lacing sounds good to me. load up some for me too please!

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