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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Rogue FestivAle

52 / 100

Anytime I see a new offering (or new to me) from the ever-reliable Rogue, I always put one in the shopping cart. A saison? Are you fucking kidding me? I definitely need this, even despite the crusty fella adorning the bottle.

I poured this 22 oz. into 2 different tulips glasses: one for me and one for the missus. The filled glasses couldn’t be any more different looking. Hers, the 1st pour – nice, hazy bright orange and mine, an opaque murky soupy brown with sediment a plenty. She laughed at mine. I told her it’s only because I’m so goddamn nice that she got the good one. She said she’d share if mine tasted like shit. It didn’t, but that's not to say that it was terribly delicious either.

The aroma was light and fruity – orange, tangerine, spices including clove and coriander. The taste was very yeasty from both glasses. It was very light tasting, missing the tartness that I’ve come to expect from saisons. The were wintery spices too that were out of place: the clove and some nutmeg and cinnamon. Some sips were better than others - I enjoyed the citrus notes.

It had medium to light body, except for all of the sediment which made much of my glass difficult to drink even after 30 minutes or so. I won't be picking this one up again anytime soon.

A disappointment from Rogue.

i am she who dranketh the pretty beer.

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