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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Okocim Porter

88 / 100

The experience I have with Baltic Porters has been with the ones I’ve been able to pick up in the Russian / Armenian parts of town: Baltika and Utenos are the ones that come to mind. None prepared me for the brilliance of the Okocim.

The dark syrupy concoction that poured into my glass was a bid foreboding – maybe not the best beer to have with dinner? There was virtual no head. A very robust aroma of malt, caramel and coffee breathed out the dark liquid. The flavor was very full – malt, coffee and maple all with smoky hints. Very full, very delicious. The nice thick body was very smooth and the alcohol was very well masked.

Hopefully some of my local shops will pick this up. I liiike.

biggin up the polski porter in the first entry! nice won!

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