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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Hoptown IPA

83 / 100

My local shop (Cap N Cork in Los Angeles) just started carrying Hoptown products. With the name Hoptown, Iā€™m heading for the IPA and it better be bloody hoppy.

It pours a nice, clean amber color with a frothy head. Great lacing. Yup, it was hoppy ā€“ a pleasant mix of floral and citrus scents. The taste was sweeter than I expected ā€“ nice, round caramel taste with pine hops swimming about it. A few sips and I was digging it. It was very easy drinking.

California doing IPAs right, again and again.

yea go california! i wish i was sipping an ipa in my cubicle now. maybe i can bring one in my nantucket nectars bottle. hehe. it'll have to be a lighter colored one. hey maybe if i fill it up with some hoegaarden. what you think?

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