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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Butte Creek Organic India Pale Ale

68 / 100

The label promised lots of hops. I like lots of hops.
This pours a lazy hazy red color. There is plenty of malt aroma, some molasses, but where are them hops? First sip, had me asking this question again. Am I drinking a red? I check the bottle. Nope, IPA – still promising lots of hops. Butte Creek is in Chico. Chico is in California. California is famous (infamous?) for it’s stupidly hopped beers. I live in California. I like stupidly hopped beers. How can they make a proclamation on the bottle?
From here out – I’m treating this as a red, so as to not further my disappointment (lord knows I want a hoppy IPA). As a red, this not bad: nice malt character – very nutty, slight sweetness, medium bodied with a nice mouthfeel with good carbonation and texture. A bigger sized red, not sure if I would drink this often – I struggled to finish the 22 oz.

If you’re looking for an IPA, get something different. This is not.

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