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Friday, March 31, 2006 

3rd Stop, Beverly Hills

After seeing the favorable review in the LA Times, the missus and I decided to give it a go. 30 beers on draft? In Los Angeles? Crazy.

OK, this place fucking sucks - straight up

first - it's in an extremely posh area, right near the Beverly Center, near the bullshit Barefoot Restaurant, a place where no beer bar belongs

second - they were having some sort of retirement party or something, with all these 99 cent store "Good Luck" balloons all over the place

third - TERRIBLE service, I thought the gf was going to murder one of the twat servers - it wasn't very busy, there were plenty of bartenders

fourth - the beer selection was decent but very safe, nothing I was dying to try. Kudos for having 4 local beers on tap: from Craftsman in Pasadena - good shit.

fifth - the taps were not active in the first few beers we tried to order and the twat server just kept saying, "No, next week" like we were the assholes. Turns out the twat server = one of the owners. The gf just turned to me after being unable to order our desires and says. "Let's get the fuck out of here"

AVOID, imo

3rd Stop

8636 W. 3rd St.

Los Angeles, (310) 273-3605.

seriously, fuck them.

stop, colab ans listen... hahahahaha, sooo funny :-)

Wrong wrong wrong. 3rd Stop is a great place and much needed environ in the Bev Hills/ Hollywood sea of dive bars and clubs. 3rd Stop slides nicely in between with a cool atmosphere and a good mid 20 - mid 30 crowd. Perfect for grabbing a drink with friends, no frill date, or just hanging and watching a game. Thumbs up!

perhaps it's changed and those were the pains of the not yet knowing how to properly run an operation


perhaps you work there

either way it's going to take a lot to get me back there

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