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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 

Father's Office Los Angeles

3229 Helms Avenue
Los Angeles, California
(310) 736-2224

I've always liked the original Father's Office but it had 3 things that always kept me from loving it: the crowd - Westside yuppie types, the hassle - having to fight for a table / waiting to get in & distance - I live on the East Siiiiiiiiiiide. This improved greatly for me in all 3 categories.

It's roughly 3 times the size of the SM location with one long room almost entirely open to the outside. There's an outdoor patio that increases the size even more. The bar runs along the length of the room with the taps behind it. There are 72 taps in total BUT each is duplicated, so actually there are only 36 draught beers available. The beer selection, while quite good, is a bit more pedestrian than the other one. Nothing really stands out as something you couldn't find elsewhere. That said, there's plenty there to enjoy.

The food is exceptional. The sweet potatoe fries with bleu cheese are unbelievable. Of course, they are known for their hamburger and that will not disappoint. Love it. It's worth looking into some of their other dishes as well as everything I've tried has been extremely tasty. I kinda went with what I know, so I didn't ask for any pairings; but I guess each dish has a corresponding beer to go with it. Unlike the previous location, this one has a full liquor license. With that they have an impressive selection of spirits much in the way they pick particular beer. I saw someone order a a drink that came with a dropper full of liquid - a bit pretentious, yes.

With all the good beers though, I didn't feel any need to go into the liquor section.
Again, you pay for what you get. A tulip of Delirium Tremens is $8. The food isn't cheap either. The location is dangerously close to my office, so I'm hoping they will remain open only a few days for lunch so I don't become a poor man.

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