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Friday, March 21, 2008 


81 / 100
My favorite fish spot in Los Angeles, Sushi Zo, just started carrying this which is a step up from my usual draught Kirin.I actually quite like some of the macro rice Japanese lagers when paired with raw fish. I realize they are all made somewhere other than Japan. Yebisu is not.It's has a nice malt profile - something you won't find in the rice beers. It also has a slight yeast flavor - something I've never really came across in lagers.

It's a unique beer and quite tasty. Enjoy with some sushi, if every you get the chance.

When I lived in Japan, Yebisu was my favorite by far. The last time I asked after it in a bar in Little Tokyo, though, the owner said that it had been bought up by Suntory (or was it Sapporo?) and discontinued.

Either he was wrong or they've redone the label and re-released it. A good thing, too.

My first experience with Yebisu was in Tokyo some seven years ago. It's a good beer. Like the preceding commentary, I thought that the company was bought out. Glad to see that it made the trip across the ocean.

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