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Saturday, September 08, 2007 

A Tale of 2 Rogues

Chocolate Stout
94 / 100

This has long been one of my alltime favorites stouts. It's a breakfast beer. It's a dessert beer. It's chocolate. It's stout. It's fucking delicious.

I always use a chalice for this fine beer. It's beautiful - deep dark coffee color with a nice frothy cappuccino head, lace cascading throughout as I roll the glass about. The initial aroma is bittersweat chocolate followed by flavors of toast and roasted malt. The chocolate is in the forefront of taste too. What is truly remarkable about the taste is the high hop content. Hops are certainly not something that comes to mind when you think about a stout, no less a chocolate stout. Somehow the fine brewers of Rogue make this effortless and most importantly - truly delicious.

A phenomenal beer for any time.

Glen Ale
72 / 100

I had this on-draught at Father’s Office in Santa Monica the other day.

I knew very little about this beer going into it, but the chalkboard read “new Rogue – malt and very hoppy” so I was sold. It was served in a chalice for an unbecoming $8. The color was a reddish brown, nicely poured with a finger-width cappuccino head. The aroma was very subtle. After some searching I came upon some chestnut, caramel and a slight grassy scent. The taste too was subdued but the roasted malts were the most prominent flavors, slight bitterness. I definitely noticed the higher ABV. This reminded me a bit of Lagunitas’ Big Shugga though not quite as tasty. In all, I was glad to have tried it but won’t drop $8 on it again.

It would be awesome if Father's Office delivered their beer to you in a shopping cart, just like how they serve their fries.

BTW, the culver city branch is due to open soon.

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