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Saturday, July 21, 2007 

Miller Chill

43 / 100

This is basically a hatecrime in a bottle.

For whatever reason this seems to be the rage. The lime flavoring taste is very artificial. Almost like someone dropped green Skittles in my beer. My very bad beer. Oh and there's salt flavoring too. Surprisingly, the salt taste was actually not terrible.

Anyhow. Avoid this.

Almost everyone I've talked to who has tried Miller's Chill says they really like it. I guess you can't please everyone...

The sad thing is now that SAB Miller & AB are losing so much marketshare to craft breweries and the many outstanding beers in the USA both Micro and Imported they have to attempt to dish out more of the usual swill, with a different twinkle.

As I peer into my glass, wait a second there was a head on this when I poured it>? Yeah, I had to pour it hard straight down but it was there>! where did it go>?? I see nothing> no head> no lace> color_____? why bother>? Crap well that's my JOB! And now I get to attempt to quaf some more of this good ole' fashioned preppie izod wearing, penny loafer wearing, BIF the Beefcake crapola!

The nose, well kind of smells salty>? Not like the ocean, or even the back bay stench just kind of there but lightly....Fun! If your into salt! Yippie!

The taste, WOW! could I get some artificial flavoring please>! It kind of tastes like somebody squeezed one of those plastic limes you find at Vons hanging in the liquor department right inside the bottle>! Is this suppose to make me yearn for another>? Maybe, wish I was sitting on a beach, half blitzed out of my mind and bloated from the salt>? Lord, help me I need something LARGE and IN-CHARGE to counter act this but I must attempt to finish this write-up!

Half down the gulet and half in the drain says me>! Good luck don't believe the hype unless you wish to attempt to impress your overbearing boss during a weekend company get-to-gether BBQ!

No thanks, I'm done back to the drawing board SAB Miller!

Where's da HOPS! I'm outta here!

I have to agree with you. I am very much a beer connoisseur and bought the beer like any other, because it was new. In fact I bought a case before I tried it. It was particularly frustrating because once I tried it I had to figure out what to do with the other 23, short of pitching them.

This beer is so filling, I can't imagine drinking more than one in a row. The aroma is absolutely wreched, and for lack of a better comparison, smells like vomit. Go out and grab a bottle. Smell for yourself. If you can get passed the smell, you might be able to drink it down.

Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus (available until Labor Day 2007) is somewhat of, well not a man's drink, but if you like trying different beer, it is much better. It is excellent in fact. Fellas, where a muscle/cut off shirt when you drink it to feel better about yourself. Anyway, Annheuser Busch wins this competition hands down, this time around.

Miller Chill gets, 1/2 star, thumbs down, and no hype from me.

Good post.

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