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Monday, April 16, 2007 

Stout Week: Day 1 - Stone Russian Imperial Stout 2007

84 / 100

As the missus noted this weekend, "Wow, you've really gotten stouty!" So true. Thus begins Stout Week.

To start Stout Week, I thought it fitting to have one of my favorites which happened to had it's 2007 release: Stone Imperial Russian Stout.

The 2006 version was incredible, as were the previous years'. Often big stouts like this are better over time and would expect that to be very true for the version this year. There was a edgey bitterness that I don't remember from past years' offerings. It wasn't all that unpleasant, but this could be better. In that it was slightly disappointing.

The malt character is very well pronounced. It hints at cocoa and caramel but is very much M A L T. The alcohol level is quite high, so be careful. f you're able to find years' past, I'd cozy up to one of those - this year's will be best with some time.

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