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Thursday, January 25, 2007 

Weyerbacher Brewing Company

Based in Easton, Pennsylvania, Weyerbacher has been in the beer business for nearly 12 years. I picked up a few of their beers on a recnt jaunt back east to give them a try.

First thing you notice with Weyerbacher is that they desperately need a new graphic designer. Looking at these bottle designs and it's pretty clear.

Hops Infusion
68 / 100

From various places online, I have read that this has gone through some considerable changes in the recent past. I'm not sure which incarnation I had but this is the label. I hope this was an earlier version as it could use a lot of help.

It poured rather orange with tons of carbonation clinging to the pint glass. Aroma was somewhat hoppy but very subtle; definitely some wheat tones in there. The taste again was a lighter hoppiness than I am used to from an IPA. There was a also an unbecoming sourness it’s finish. With all the delicious IPAs out there, I think I’ll skip on this again, unless there are dramatic improvements.

72 / 100

Poured this into my Hoegaarden glass. A bit light on the color - almost looked like Sprite. The aroma was citrus and coriander with a slight bit of clove. Taste was much the same, except there was more coriander - almost too much. While drinking it seemed to grow on me, but it's not something I'd actively seek.

Old Heathen Imperial Russian Stout
79 / 100

Everytime I get an Russian Imperial Stout I make the mistake of pouring it into my Stone Imperial Russian Stout goblet. This gets me thinking about Stone Imperial Russian Stout. Ahh so good. How can I not compare now?

The color was dark as can be with a cappuccino head. Toffee, dark chocolate and expresso dominated the aroma. Flavor followed suite with a slick, resiny texture to it. Also a bit of Irish Whiskey in the flavor. I enjoyed this quite a bit more than the other Weyerbacher beers I've tried...

That Weyerbacher Old Heathen label is hilarious. It's like a cross between Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, and The Ten Commandments.

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