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Monday, January 08, 2007 

Bière de France: Part 1

Many things of come to mind when thinking of the food and drink of Paris. The drink that is almost always conjured is wine. I like wine. Yes, I do. But this blog isn't about wine, is it? Drinking wine isn't the only thing I do well, is it? I beer. Do they beer there? I was determined to find out.

Kronenberg 1664
70 / 100
The most exported and most popular brewed beer in France is Kronenberg 1664 made in Strasbourg. It's an easy drinking lager akin to Stella Artois. A beer to not be actively sought out but neither one worth avoiding. Sometimes it can be the best there is, sometimes the worst. It's a pale lager with a slight sweetness to it. It's a mile better than the Bud / Coors / Miller staples here in the states. In France, it is everywhere and if you actively like drinking beer and are there - you will drink it.


Kronenberg 1664
71 / 100
The newest offering from Brasseries Kronenbourg is a witbier. It seemed to be popping up a bit over Paris and was the best beer offered at one particular nightclub that I ended up in a couple of times.
It comes in bright celyon bottle. "Ceylon" is fancy color printing for "blue". The aroma is very fruity: peach, cinnamon and clover dominate. It's light and whitish. Initially, it's quite refreshing. The yeast is balanced with the sweetness of the fruit flavors. This balance dissipates after a bit and the fruit really takes over. Have one, not many.

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