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Tuesday, December 05, 2006 

City Beer Store, San Francisco

City Beer Store
1168 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Just a few blocks from the Moscone Convention Center, this made for an easy escape from the drones of the seminar speakers. Craig, the owner / proprietor and as he informed me, “only employee” was stocking the shelves when I walked in. The shop isn’t huge but the space is used well: the front area is kind of a lounge while the back is entirely lined with bottles. There’s a small bar on the opposite side with 4 active drafts and a well-stocked refrigerator just beyond that. The shop is half store / half bar with the benefits of both.

Looking over the taps, I cross one I’ve not had before: Presidio IPA. So I order it. While pouring it the keg kicks, so I move on to my 2nd choice: Deschutes Jubelale. While I sip this, I talk beer with Craig while he cleans the draft line formerly occupied by the Presidio. I wish other places would have this diligence about keeping their draft lines clean. I peruse the bottle shelf and the fridge. There’s a well thought out selection ranging the whole spectrum: tons of great local offerings, the better end of American beers and plenty from the UK and EU (as expected, the majority from the Belgians and Germans). Another great thing: for only $1 corkage fee, you can have at any of the bottles while at the shop.

Craig clearly knows his beers and his love shines throughout the shop. I really wish there was something like this in Los Angeles. The beer lovers down here are starving for something like City Beer Store.

dood 1/2 store, 1/2 bar & only $1 corkage fee?! that is craziness. i would definitely be down for some of that.

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