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Thursday, March 01, 2007 

Santa Cruz Mountain IPA

59 / 100

In the thumbs-up / thumbs-down world that we like to live in - I have to go with down. I struggled with it, but this is just isn't good enough.

It starts well enough - looks like an IPA. The smells has not enough hops to warrant it though. Lots of malts and not very balanced. The malt character has a sweetness that is pleasant. It's not the worst beer - it's just doesn't scream "West Coast IPA" to me.

In California, with some many delicious IPAs to choose from - I'd skip this one.

wow that was the lowest score ever!

wow that was the lowest score ever!

I'd say santa cruzians (is that a word?) aren't know for their beer making. Better known for their hemp clothing manufacturing.

Hi mate, I'm fascinated by your blog, it's just amazing. Have you every tried Chinese beer called Tsing Tao (http://www.tsingtaobeer.com) and also my favourite, a Hong Kong brewer of traditional German lager, Blue Girl (http://www.bluegirlbeer.com)? They are good!

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