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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 

Trumer Pils

89 / 100
As of 2005, Trumer set up a 2nd brewery in Berkeley, California - the 1st is in Salzberg, Austria. It always puzzles me why I cannot find this beer easily in Los Angeles. In the Bay Area, every corner liquor shop has this everywhere.
It's a fine, easy-drinking pilsener. Everything about it shouts "session time". Nice straw color with a minimal head. Nice and balanced with a slight more hop kick than a German (or in this case, Austrian) made beer in this style.
The only drawback is the green bottling, I've come across some sun contaminated ones that have made me sad.

Love this beer when I'm in SF. Its $2 a pint on nearly every corner eatery/bar and agree its yummeh!

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