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Monday, April 17, 2006 

Alaskan Smoked Porter

83 /100

I am easily discouraged by smoked beers. Smoked beers or "rauchbiers" came to us from Germany. I'm not the biggest fan, generally. Often the smoking is too intense and it feels like I’m drinking a chimney and oddly enough, I don’t like drinking chimneys. Hesitantly, I try the latest batch, the winter sasonal 2005, of Alaskan Brewing Co’s Smoked Porter.

It pours darks as night, with the slightest tan head. It’s a foreboding darkness in liquid form. The smokiness is evident from the first scent. It’s not subtle but it’s also not intense. Slight maltiness breathes through the powerful smoke. The taste is very unique. Of course, the smokiness is the first thing that hits you: almost a woodstove cedar flavor that could warm a ski lodge. The flavor lingers. It takes a few sips to get find enjoyment, but then it’s a very pleasant porter. This is the finest smoked beer I’ve had. If you fear getting oversmoked like I did, give this a try. It might change your perception.

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